Ilia Ivanov

Ivanov, Il’ia Ivanovich


Born July 20 (Aug. 1), 1870, in the city of Shchigry, in present-day Kursk Oblast. Died Mar. 20, 1932, in Alma-Ata. Soviet biologist and professor (1907).

Ivanov graduated from the University of Kharkov in 1896. He worked at the State Institute of Experimental Veterinary Science (1917–21, 1924–30), the Central Experimental Station on Questions of the Reproduction of Domestic Animals (1920-24), the Moscow Higher Zootechnical Institute (1928–30), and the Kazakh Veterinary and Zootechnical Institute (1931–32). He initiated the study of the problems of the biology of the propagation of farm animals and worked out a zootechnical method of artificial insemination, which was improved by his school and is used widely in animal husbandry in the USSR. He recommended the use of interspecific hybridization in animal husbandry to breed new strains.


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Skatkin, P.N. Il’ia Ivanovich Ivanov—vydaiushchiisia biolog. Moscow, 1964.
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We would like to create very specific polymer stacking in solution and translate that into thin films where flawless, defect-free polymer assemblies would enable fast transport of electric charges for photovoltaic applications, said Ilia Ivanov, a researcher at CNMS and a corresponding author with Do.
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