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In addition, Aguas del Illimani has acted above and beyond its contractual commitments in favor of the disadvantaged people in certain districts of El Alto outside its service perimeter.
In the latest annual benchmarking carried out by the Water Superintendent, Aguas del Illimani was the only company in Bolivia to receive an A+ rating, classing it number 1 among all the operators, both public and private.
At a 1981 Toronto concert by Inti Illimani, Horacio Duran, another founding member, told the audience that Chileans had taken the world record for having the shortest index fingers from the Spanish people.
A Conversation with Horatio Salinas of Inti Illimani," Center for Latin American Studies, University of California, Berkeley, October 6, 1999, 4, <http://ist-socrates.
La Jornada (2005) 'Aguas del Illimani decide iniciar pleito comercial con Bolivia', June 29.
There are plans underway to replace Aguas del Illimani with a public-public partnership formed between the newly constituted public utility in La Paz-El Alto and a sister public utility in Europe.
Mr Gardner said Mr Brain had climbed Mount Illimani more than 30 times.
During the quarter, we continued our appraisal and exploratory campaign in the Basin in the Waimea, Fuji, Pero-Inga, Illimani and Tambora accumulations.
Intensification of the appraisal campaign in Waimea (OGX-50D, OGX-53D and OGX-55HP), Waikiki (OGX-41D, OGX-44HP and OGX-45D), Pipeline (OGX-39HP, OGX-40D, OGX-42D and OGX-48D), Illimani (OGX-43D) and Fuji (OGX-54D and OGX-56D) accumulations located in the Campos Basin;
This collection of recently recorded performances boasts fourteen tracks by a dozen ensembles, ranging from Chile's well-traveled Inti Illimani to Ecuador's Imbaya, a group led by flautist Jaime Vega.
Intensification of the appraisal campaign in Pipeline (OGX-36D, OGX-39HP, OGX-40 and OGX-42), Waikiki (OGX-35D, OGX-41D, OGX-44HP, OGX-45D) and Illimani (OGX-43) accumulations, all located in the Campos Basin;
The drilling of the OGX-28D well, a prospect known as Illimani, is still in progress and is expected to reach an estimated final depth of 3,700 meters.