Illinois Institute of Technology

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Illinois Institute of Technology,

in Chicago; coeducational; founded 1940 by a merger of Armour Institute of Technology (founded 1892) and Lewis Institute (1896). The school's present campus was planned by Ludwig Mies van der RoheMies van der Rohe, Ludwig
, 1886–1969, German-American architect. A pioneer of modern architecture and one of its most influential figures, he is famous for his minimalist architectural dictum "less is more." In Germany, he was an assistant to Peter Behrens.
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, who also served as head of the department of architecture (1938–58). Other divisions include liberal arts, design, engineering and science, law, and business. Among its many research centers are the IIT Research Institute, the Institute of Gas Technology, and the Design Processes Laboratory. A technical facility of the Association of American Railroads is also there.
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Alex Di Sciullo Jones, Illinois Institute of Technology
S in Metallurgical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.
Robert Selman of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago simulated heat flows in a sealed case of lithium-ion cells.
Mondolfo, Illinois Institute of Technology, presented their classic paper at the AFS Casting Congress that year that practicing foundrymen began to understand the true significance of this metallurgical phenomenon.
Henrichs holds a BSEET degree from DeVry Institute of Technology and an MBA in operations and technology management from Illinois Institute of Technology.
Jai Prakash and his colleagues at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago added small amounts of the organic substance hexamethoxycyclotriphosphazene to laboratory samples of the conductive liquid, or electrolyte, typically used in lithium-ion batteries.
Smotkin of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago.
Video cameras mounted on a trailer record images of the road on tape as the vehicle speeds along at 30 to 50 miles per hour, report Sidney Guralnick and Eric Suen, engineers at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.
Erickson holds a Bachelor of Science with distinction in Mathematics with a minor in Physics and an MS in Mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology.
Jaeger of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago patented a cough stimulator.
Headquartered in Baltimore, Wexford Science + Technology has projects in the contiguous United States and Hawaii, including partnerships with the University of Maryland, Baltimore, The Science Center (Philadelphia), Illinois Institute of Technology, Old Dominion University and Pennsylvania State University Hershey Medical Center.
But this randomness doesn't follow automatically from the other fundamental principles of quantum theory, says Thomas Erber of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

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