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For example, ilog Solver and Scheduler provided constraint modeling and solving capabilities, including specialized implementations of global constraints such as all-different.
ILOG OEK is based on ILOG's Cartridge Development Environment (CDE) technology, which combines an internal data model, methodology, automatic code generation tools, and state-of-the-art ILOG optimisation engines (ILOG CPLEX) and ILOG Solver to build ISV-specific extensions.
The system will utilise the ILOG Solver and ILOG Dispatcher and will be built by Federated Software, a engineering services company.
The Demonstration Centre will be equipped with the latest ILOG software products, including the ILOG Solver, ILOG Scheduler, ILOG JViews Component Suite and the ILOG JRules.
The ILOG software most applicable to manufacturing is its optimization suite of products, including ILOG Solver and ILOG CPlex.
Ilog currently offers a constraint programming component library called Ilog Solver, another for mathematical programming called Ilog Planner (with some underlying CPLEX technology), and a library specifically for scheduling, which runs on Solver and is called Ilog Scheduler.
ILOG Optimization Suite, ILOG OPL Studio, ILOG Solver and ILOG Scheduler are trademarks of ILOG.
C++ and Java software components supplier ILOG will supply its ILOG CPLEX and ILOG Solver optimisation components to Sony Bank Inc.
The first step, are releases of ILOG Rules, ILOG Views, ILOG Solver and ILOG CPLEX, available in mid March, that support the MSVC (Microsoft Visual C/C++) 7 compiler, which will allow ILOG customers to create applications for the .
The competitive advantages of ILOG Solver are drawn from the strengths of constraint programming technologies that work seamlessly with the existing legacy system.
The ILOG solution includes just-introduced ILOG Configurator, a unique configuration component, and ILOG Solver, one of the world's leading optimization engines.