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What does it mean when you dream about immobility?

A dream that one is immobile can symbolize an inner inflexibility, especially with regard to resolving one’s problems. It can also mean that the dreamer feels trapped. People afflicted with sleep paralysis sometimes dream they are immobile or unable to run, but such dreams do not necessarily have deeper psychological meanings.

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Markazi will cast light on the conditions of mobility and immobility in Yemen and the Horn of Africa through its focus on households and everyday life in the Markazi camp.
The second session lasts 5 minutes during which the immobility time, the swimming and climbing were measured.
It is also surprising that the topic of immobility has not played an even greater role in Beckett criticism.
Yet what has come to fascinate me in my own reading of these texts is the complex interrelationship of the concept of voyage with that of immobility, the latter being, at first glance, less visible yet nonetheless a prevalent phenomenon.
Immobility, then, is just a time out period, a chance to recover one's vigor, before one takes one's place in the vast articulation of Why Bother?
was administered, the test was repeated, and the total duration of immobility for 5 min was measured at 0, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 24 h after fluoxetine administration.
Keywords: Aloysia polystachya; Verbenaceae; Antidepressant effect; Forced swimming test; Immobility
I HAVE recently been hospitalised for a very bad fall, suffering a head wound, severe bruising to the rib cage, chest and leg damage, resulting in a period of immobility of walking.
Overall, the patients who underwent surgery saw their daily times of immobility drop from 6 hours to 2 hours, on average.
Bilateral vocal fold immobility is an uncommon but serious condition with many causes.
The AccuMax Quantum[TM] Turn Support from BG North America, offers a level of care that helps to combat the effects of prolonged immobility by providing a gentle turning motion for residents at high risk for pressure ulcers.
And in this same spirit they approached the scriptural passages that suggest the earth's immobility, Froimond insisting on a literal interpretation, the Lansbergens urging accommodation.