Impacted Cerumen

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Cerumen, Impacted


an accumulation of cerumen (ear-wax) in the external auditory canal of man; it may obstruct the canal. Symptoms of impacted cerumen are impaired hearing, a sensation of noise in the ear, and autophony, a condition in which the patient feels his voice resonating in his ear. Impacted cerumen is generally removed by irrigation; sometimes a special instrument is used.

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Although not the most common finding on otomicroscopy, the presence of complete occlusion of the ear canal due to impacted cerumen was higher (14.
Among the possible causes for this are impacted cerumen (ear wax), labyrinthitis (inflammation of the inner ear), otosclerosis (abnormal bone growth; sometimes more frequently occurring in certain families), hysteria (emotional instability), and overdose of drugs such as quinine.
The results indicated that impacted cerumen does cause a significant degree of conductive hearing loss.
From small, narrow ear canals to deeply impacted cerumen the Lighted Ear Curette provides the focused illumination to perform the procedure under direct visualization.
This device is easy to use and will be a timesaver for the treatment of residents with impacted cerumen.
We conclude that 1 or 2 applications of Sofenz followed by irrigation with lukewarm water is a safe, well-tolerated, and effective treatment for excessive or impacted cerumen in the external auditory canal.
This device is easy to learn and use and will be a timesaver for the treatment of patients with impacted cerumen.