Improved land

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Improved land

Building sites which have water and sewage connections available and access to streets and telephone, gas, and other electrical services.

improved land

Land which has been provided with water, sewers, sidewalks, and other basic facilities for residential or industrial development.
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Achieving social justice in land titling and improved land administration and management are among the priority agenda of the DENR under the Duterte administration," Cimatu told over 500 summit participants from government agencies, business sector, non-government organizations and civil society.
8 acres and are comprised of two transshipment facilities providing 43,400 square feet with 77 dock-high and ten grade-level loading positions and one improved land parcel comprising 1.
Its objective is to address land degradation and focuses on climate change adaptation, improved community management of grazing land, improved land use planning and integrated sustainable land management.
This is now being taken forward in terms of future implementation, helping deliver some real change on the ground - improved land use, better public facilities and amenities, enhanced co-ordination and delivery - that the writer seeks.
Last year volunteers across Britain improved land equivalent to the size of 80 football pitches and planted 50,000 shrubs, seeds and trees.
Last year, volunteers improved land equivalent to the size of 80 football pitches, and planted 45,000 shrubs, seeds and plants.
Improving our understanding of how interannual ecologic site variability affects nutritional status and fitness of different bird age classes will lead to improved land management and conservation strategies.
This will enable the early detection of problems, better evaluation of public programs, and improved land and water management by government and urban water utilities.
Improved land management and advances in biotechnology to create cold-resistant seeds have encouraged farmers to plant as early as possible--up to two weeks earlier than they did 30 years ago.
In the past two years, Canyon Capital and its affiliate, the Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund, have provided debt and equity capital for several high-profile mixed-use developments in New York City, including the acquisition of several large parcels of improved land located in the West Chelsea district and the development of One Hanson Place in the landmark Williamsburg Savings Bank Building in Brooklyn.
In accordance with Government planning guidelines, our aim is to utilise existing brown-field sites and offer greatly improved land usage.
Rates for maintenance payments are still very modest, at approximately pounds 9 per acre for improved land, and are unlikely to have a major impact on the strategic decisions farmers make.

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