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Any changes made in a project which increases its value, such as the addition to a building or a home. An improvement may also be made by drainage, removing unsightly objects or growths; any act which serves to add utility, beauty, or otherwise increases the value of the property.


A structure or public utility or any other installation or physical change made in a property to increase its value and utility or to improve its appearance.
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There are few research-based examinations of quality-specific change strategies; however, there are literally hundreds of articles, books, and manuals directed to those who would implement a quality improvement effort.
Until a health care organization invests in a data warehouse for integration of clinical, financial, and outcomes data, claims of commitment to quality improvement made by administration ought not to be taken seriously.
Many organizations hear about quality improvement or total quality management and think that somehow the turnaround will be overnight," he said.
Encourage health plans to provide technical assistance to their providers who need training in quality improvement techniques and in implementing electronic medical record systems
If we tend to name the opposite types: business improvement and shopper house improvement, then all the services like cleaner Cleaning Services in Bangalore, residential maid services, carpet cleaner or the other relevant improvement solutions comes below the class of shopper improvement.
headquarters-related administration, two years ago, 20 percent cited the quarterly meetings as an area for improvement.
Most profit improvement initiatives require both cross functional support and top management support to reach their objectives.
The improvement is not attributable to the enlargement of the building, any elevator or escalator, any structural component benefiting a common area or the internal structural framework of the building.
Antelope Valley High School did not advance because it is already under state sanctions, said Susan Custer, Antelope Valley Union High School District's director of program improvement.
With new impetus, managers are now demanding improvements that can be implemented faster, and with lower risks and higher return on investment (ROI), than most technology-based initiatives.
Data will show where improvement needs to be made and where goals have been achieved.
Improvements desired: Better fixed asset screen layout, better use of pull-down menus, improved integration of multistate returns, ability to review state forms on screen, support for more states.

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