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Monitoring the genetic diversity within a population needs the regular evaluation of average relationship and inbreeding coefficient as well as effective population size (Groeneveld et al.
Along with creating larger social networks that would help them avoid inbreeding, these prehistoric humans may have also developed the earliest marriage traditions - precursors to those that became commonplace later on and evolved into the ones we still have now.
Inbreeding depression (%) was estimated using the per se genotype average and the average of the resultant [S.
Selection response and inbreeding coefficients were calculated from the average of individuals in the herd.
Cytoplasmic genes generally represent a neglected source of variation in inbreeding depression.
The geographical or ethnic endogamy can increase inbreeding especially in small groups where there is a greater chance to gather gametes carrying the same genetic information.
When asked about research that has proved the deleterious effects of repeated inbreeding -- namely, immune deficiency, mental impairment and strabismus, a condition that causes the white tigers to be cross- eyed -- Khan repeated his contention that the practice was a necessary evil.
Publications on effects of inbreeding depression on production traits in abalone species and other shellfish species are scarce.
Inbreeding linebreeding has to be avoided in future generations to maintain high levels of heterozygous genetics and heterosis.
Limited data on inbreeding and its effect on performance of Sahiwal are available.
In addition, Pivotal's son Kyllachy boasts a high-flying example in this season's Dubai Golden Shaheen winner Krypton Factor, who contains two crosses courtesy of tight inbreeding to Nureyev's son Polar Falcon.
1,2) Incidentally, in the family presented, all five children were afflicted with congenital diseases; this inbreeding depression was overcome due to the extensive support within consanguineous family.