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South Korea: see IncheonIncheon
or Inchon
, city (1995 pop. 2,307,618), Gyeonggi (Kyonggi) prov., NW South Korea, on the Yellow Sea (or West Sea). The country's second largest port, Incheon has an ice-free harbor (protected by a tidal basin) and is the port and commercial center for Seoul.
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(Chemulpo), a city and port in South Korea, in Kyonggi Province. It is located on the Yellow Sea, near the mouth of the Han River. Population, 525,000 (1966).

Inchon is a transportation junction and major industrial center. Machine-building, metalworking (a motor assembly plant, a shipyard, a metal goods factory), steel, and chemical industries (including the manufacture of nitrogen fertilizers) are located there. Sheet glass and porcelain and earthenware also are manufactured, and there are large textile factories, flour mills, and many handicraft workshops.

The first settlement on the site of the modern city dates from the first centuries of the Common Era. In the Middle Ages (especially beginning in the late 14th century), Inchon was one of the main trade centers of Korea. At the end of the 19th century it was opened to foreign trade.

The harbor of Inchon was the site of the heroic end (1904) of the Russian cruiser Variag and of the gunboat Koreets. In 1919, during the March popular uprising in Korea, there was stubborn barricade fighting by the people of Inchon against the Japanese punitive expedition. In the 1920’s and 1930’s the city was one of the principal centers of the proletarian movement (marked by the founding of Marxist circles and trade union organizations and by the major strikes of 1923–24 and 1930–31).

The Inchon region was the disembarkation site (Sept. 8, 1945) of American troops after the liberation of Korea by the Soviet Army. It was also an American landing site (Sept. 15–16, 1950) during the war in Korea in 1950–53. It is used by the USA as a naval base.


, Incheon
a port in W South Korea, on the Yellow Sea: the chief port for Seoul: site of a major strategic amphibious assault by UN troops, liberating Seoul (Sept. 15, 1950). Pop.: 2 642 000 (2005 est.)
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The Inchon landing and subsequent liberation of Seoul cut NKPA supply lines, helping Eighth Army break out from the Pusan perimeter.
Inchon, esta situado en una superficie de 5 mil 116 hectareas y dispone de una imponente pista con 50 posiciones, taxis y vias rapidas para aterrizajes frecuentes, que permitiran servir en el 2020 a 100 millones de pasajeros y realizar 530 maniobras.
More mine countermeasures efforts involving LPHs followed, and from 1996 until 2002 Inchon served as a mine countermeasures support ship (redesignated MCS 12).
Absent General Smith's consummate professionalism and courage, the outcomes at Inchon, Seoul, and Chosin would have been decidedly less favorable, and certainly more costly, for the Marines and for the United Nations.
Among military historians and scholars, the name Inchon connotes daring, audacity and military genius.
Wal-Mart moved into Korea in 1998 with its acquisition of four former Makro outlets--located in the cities of Inchon, Daejeon, Ilsan and Gusung--which it converted into Supercenters.
Inchon International Airport in South Korea grounded a Phuket Airlines Boeing 747-300 aircraft on Thursday (18 August) because of unpaid fuel, hotel, catering and airport expenses.
Shin and his wife Ann Young-Ah Lim and their daughter Eui Jin, 8, and son Myoung Chan, 3, arrived June 27 from Inchon City, settling into an apartment in Valencia.
Alpay, who joined Urawa from South Korean club Inchon United for pounds 800,000 last July, was under contract with the Reds until January 2006.
The contract with the government-led InChon Urban Development Corporation (IUDC) will see Lucent supply and install home networking systems - including residential gateways, security systems, switches and routers - to help the IUDC build 'smart apartments' as part of its plan to bring digital home networking capabilities to every new residential building in the Sondgo area.
A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit Inchon, where General MacArthur made his famous amphibious landing.