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The middle one of three ossicles in the middle ear. Also known as anvil.
A supplementary cloud feature peculiar to cumulonimbus capillatus; the spreading of the upper portion of cumulonimbus when this part takes the form of an anvil with a fibrous or smooth aspect. Also known as anvil; thunderhead.



(also anvil), the middle auditory ossicle in mammals. The incus is homologous to the quadrate bone in lower vertebrates. Located in the cavity of the middle ear, it articulates with the malleus at its external end and with the stapes at its internal end. The incus, malleus, and stapes participate in the transmission of sound from the outer ear to the inner ear.

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As with all Kickstarter projects, unless the funding target of PS28,000 is reached by the campaign cut-off date of Thursday March 12, Incus Games will not receive any of the pledged funds.
The news is a big step forward for Incus Technology and serves as a springboard to increase their client base throughout 2015.
From this database, we identified those whose procedure had included the use of GIC to augment either an insufficient incus long process or an eroded process secondary to previous surgery.
Incus erosion is extremely common if a wire prosthesis of any kind was used in the primary surgery.
Pass the incus hook under the incus to clear any unseen adhesions.
During surgery, the wire is fixed to the long arm of the incus and manually closed with a McGee forceps.
Only two out of seven felt the wire was more damaging to the incus than Teflon.
We report a unique case in which the incus was dislocated into the external auditory canal while remaining attached to the stapes.
The malleus and incus bones had been sacrificed during the surgery, and the stapes was missing because of the disease.
The incus and malleus head were excised, and gross total disease removal was achieved.
We evaluated ossicular chain reconstruction in patients with idiopathic incus necrosis who have conductive hearing loss and an intact ear drum.
We report a rare case of incus dislocation into the external auditor), canal following a head injury.