Indefinite Integral

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indefinite integral

[in′def·ə·nət ′int·ə·grəl]
An indefinite integral of a function ƒ(x) is a function F (x) whose derivative equals ƒ(x). Also known as antiderivative; integral.

Indefinite Integral


a general expression, denoted by Í f(x) = dx, for the antiderivative of an integrand f (x). For example:


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Similarly to the case of square roots, a number of methods for evaluating indefinite integrals have been developed for more difficult situations.
Based on the indefinite integral of the Bessel function, we determined the structure of the MUSIC-type imaging function.
and we truncate the infinite summations at j = [+ or -]N in such a way that N and the mesh size h satisfies h = 1/N log(2[pi]dN/[alpha])or 1/N log([pi]dN/[alpha]), for definite or indefinite integrals, respectively.
The nine chapters also develop techniques for using basic integration formula to obtain indefinite integrals of complicated functions, and applies definite integrals to compute areas between curves, volumes of solids, lengths of curves, and work done by a varying force.
Using this, we apply an indefinite integral formula of the Bessel function (see [27, page 35]):

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