Independent Suspension

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independent suspension

[‚in·də′pen·dənt sə′spen·chən]
(mechanical engineering)
In automobiles, a system of springs and guide links by which wheels are mounted independently on the chassis.

Independent Suspension


a system in which each wheel of a motor vehicle is suspended from the frame or under-frame independently of any other. It is used mainly for the front axle of passenger cars; much less frequently, it is used for both axles of passenger cars or for all axles of trucks.

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Not only does this give a solid base on which to mount the fully independent suspension," says Seel, "it helps the LX's crash performance as well.
This order follows the company's MaxxPro rolling chassis body swap, which upgrades more than 2,700 MaxxPro vehicles with a DXM independent suspension, MaxxForceA 9.
for Wagner says the Link-X design costs about the same as a double wishbone or multi-link independent suspension, minus the cost of the anti-roll bars.
Acting together, the independent suspension and ETS optimise the handling safety and stability of the M-Class, both on and off the road.
Not all were incorporated into the Tucker '48 car, but it included a rear engine, rear-wheel drive, safety-glass windshield, padded dashboard, independent suspension, and automatic transmission.

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