Independent Suspension

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independent suspension

[‚in·də′pen·dənt sə′spen·chən]
(mechanical engineering)
In automobiles, a system of springs and guide links by which wheels are mounted independently on the chassis.

Independent Suspension


a system in which each wheel of a motor vehicle is suspended from the frame or under-frame independently of any other. It is used mainly for the front axle of passenger cars; much less frequently, it is used for both axles of passenger cars or for all axles of trucks.

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The sliding pillar independent front suspension is an ageless charm.
It also looks just like a "grown-up" Dragon with its independent front suspension and sharp-looking Dragon graphics.
The car featured independent front suspension which was very much the latest technology at the time and the Y Type became the first Nuffield Group product and one of the first British production cars with this feature.
This independent front suspension is a unique feature of the Doosan ADT which allows for free movement on one side without movement on the opposite side, providing maximum ground contact and shock absorption, according to the company.
The TL employs a double-wishbone independent front suspension and a multi-link independent rear suspension.
The Triumph TR2 had a vastly better chassis, coil spring independent front suspension and a top speed of 1 00mph.
Newly designed independent front suspension and solid rear axle give better off-road ability and still provide high loading ability.
The latest Cherokee is the first Jeep since the 60s with independent front suspension - a system adopted to ensure that the new Cherokee could match its rivals in terms of on road performance without compromising its off-road ability.
Independent front suspension and wide five-spoke Revolution wheels help glue the car to the road and powerful disc brakes all round keep the lively hot rod in check.
The independent front suspension has coil springs, telescopic dampers and an anti-roll bar to increase stability for more precise cornering.
Reyco Granning[R] - a commercial vehicle suspension product line of Tuthill Transport Technologies - introduced the industry's first viable Class 8 independent front suspension, creating a new category for front suspensions, which allows class 8 vehicles to attain automobile-type handling, with minimal cost and weight penalty.

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