Indian rice

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Indian rice:

see wild ricewild rice,
tall aquatic plant (Zizania aquatica) of the family Poaceae (grass family), of a genus separate from common rice (Oryza). Wild rice (called also Canada rice, Indian rice, and water oats) is a hardy annual with broad blades, reedy stems, and large
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The Indian rice exporter will be the JV s exclusive provider from India.
Indian rice exports direct to Iran have bounced back, thanks to shippers being paid up front in rupees from a huge pool of oil money owed to Iran by Indian refiners.
Greedy traders have already hiked the prices of Indian rice varieties after hearing that India has banned rice exports with immediate effect.
So there's a bread and butter pud flavoured with saffron, a mango and apple crumble and a ``firni br[currency]lAe'' - a tart ``filled with Indian rice flour pudding''.
1940s: brown spot disease of Indian rice (Bengal famine).
The entrees are complemented by Patak's Foodsolutions Pilau Basmati Rice--high quality Indian rice, fully cooked and frozen in pouches, available in packs of 24 x 200g.
Amazing Grains is a grower-owned cooperative that produces, processes, packages, markets and distributes a gluten-free flour made from Indian rice grass.
50), which emerges as big, sweet, gently poached scallops swathed with a mild, creamy, coconut and mustard seed curry sauce perched on steamed idlis (Southern Indian rice and lentil flour patties).
Indian rice grass, a native but nontraditional crop for Montana farmers, is milled and packaged at Mission Mountain Market, a partially grant-supported business incubator in Lake County.
Looking ahead, our intention is to develop the microwave category further whilst continuing to develop the Indian rice sector in total.
The government's export subsidy programme, combined with firm international prices, have made Indian rice highly competitive.
Danielle's winning menu Starter Chickpea and Leek Soup Main Course Provencale Vegetables with Colourful Kebabs with Chicken and Feta Cheese DessertTropical Fruit FoolAbdi's winning menu Starter Chicken and Almond Soup Main Course Indian Rice and Lentils with Vegetables Dessert Strawberry and Melon Salad with a side order of Sweet Lassi drink

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