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June was heralded as limestone month in Indiana, and this year TAI partnered with two Indiana State Parks to showcase the state's limestone heritage.
Vicki Basman is chief of interpretation for Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs.
gov/dnr for lots of information about Indiana State parks.
The Committee considered eight possible alternatives to address the problems of excessive deer numbers within Indiana State Parks as follows, and rejected all but one: 1).
It was a cast of 'giants' such as the Chair, John Hillenbrand, Bill Lieber, grandson of Colonel Lieber, founder of the Indiana State Park System, Ruben Dooley, Charlie Werner from one of the Indianapolis newspapers, and others.
Becky Weber has been marketing director for the Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs for 17 years.
Location mapping for Indiana State Parks, where to hunt or fish, and additional state properties
4 million to continue operating the central reservation system for Indiana State Parks.
A series of incentives, including free access to the Indiana State Parks, ice skating at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, discounts on produce, and a number of recognition ceremonies, will be used to provide motivation.
The 21 Indiana state parks continue to draw both day and extended-stay visitors who want to experience the many recreational activities, naturalist services and nature programs, and cultural events.

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