Individual Territory

Territory, Individual


(living area or, for birds, the nesting area), the territory occupied by a single individual, a mated pair and their offspring, a family, or a flock of animals.

The individual territory of birds, many mammals, and some other animals has definite boundaries during the reproductive season and is, as a rule, protected from penetration by other individuals of the same species. In birds the singing of the male informs others of the occupancy of a territory (the males of other couples who trespass on the territory are expelled). In mammals the voice is used (wolves, deer); some animals mark the boundaries of their individual territory with feces, urine, odorous substances (such as musk), or various markings (such as scratches) on trees or elsewhere. Ungulates that live in nomadic herds (such as saigas and Persian gazelles) have no individual territories. The size of an individual territory varies from a few square meters (in nesting colonies of birds such as seagulls) or a few dozen or hundred square meters (small rodents and songbirds) to hundreds of square kilometers (a pack of wolves in winter). Individual territory is a very important factor in the biology of species and of communities: it determines the distribution of populations in a territory, the numbers of a species per unit of area, and the total population of a species.


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The first group is reluctant to change, primarily focused on a defense strategy, ready to spend several hundred thousand dollars to preserve their individual territory.
Although Charman accepts that "an individual territory trip is hugely beneficial as it enables you to get valuable face time connecting with the local buyers," she is equally convinced that, "providing programming updates and maintaining regular contact ensure broadcasters are kept abreast of all new content.
The contract has as its object the award of the service management Protected Laboratory, addressing subjects mainly adults with disabilities, residing in 4 Union Territories of Lands Levee, in particular with regard to social welfare and recreational activities, socio-occupational activities, canteen and transport service, if necessary, at the request of the individual territory, as indicated in Art.
Bethany will play an integral part of the entire sale process; from prospecting to closing the deal along side the individual territory manager.
However, Le Goy is careful to avoid lumping the entire Asian market together; rather, he says, Sony TV must fashion an approach that works for each individual territory, given the multiplicity of the region's languages and cultures.
Developed new seed distribution program for individual territory
If something is not done to have cricket administration at the West Indies level properly restructured, I believe we will have no choice but to think about playing as an individual territory on the international scene.
In keeping with that tradition of excellence, many of the individual territory representatives of Arcus, Trahan & Associates will continue to call upon Benelli USA accounts as employees of The Evans Group in the region," said Joe Troiani, Benelli sales vice president.
Ultra fan groups abound, each with their own individual territory in the ground, banners, songs and even merchandise.
Neither breeding density nor rainfall, however, influenced individual territory fidelity in our study.
One male maintained an individual territory for 1 wk through most of peak rut.

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