Indonesian language

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Indonesian language:

see Malayo-Polynesian languagesMalayo-Polynesian languages
, sometimes also called Austronesian languages
, family of languages estimated at from 300 to 500 tongues and understood by approximately 300 million people in Madagascar; the Malay Peninsula; Indonesia and New Guinea; the Philippines;
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Most importantly, given an intercultural language learning orientation, the curriculum needed to emphasise the interrelationship between Indonesian language and culture in how meanings are made and shape communication.
My first major project was a two-volume bibliography of all Christian theological books past and present in the Indonesian language and its predecessor Malayan language.
He believed that the program will provide benefit and advantages to the participants for further understanding not Indonesian language but also Indonesian culture and economy.
The president received a standing ovation after the speech, which he closed by saying in the Indonesian language, ''I would like to say thank you to all of the Indonesian people.
Spurred on by Indonesian government agencies such as the Department of Education and the Indonesian Language Centre (Pusat Bahasa), (1) Indonesian has rapidly and overwhelmingly become the language of education, literature, radio, television and the press.
The several classrooms devoted to the Indonesian language program sport
Wearing a Muslim veil, Rukanah, a retired Indonesian language teacher in a local Islamic school, said there were no indications her son could commit the alleged acts of terrorism.
This kind of exposure helped to promote the learners' acquisition of pragmatics and sociolinguistics in Indonesian language.
I write using the Indonesian language because that language is a bond that unites us.
Through the imposition of the Indonesian language, the national Pancasila ideology,(2) the respect for typical Indonesian symbols of patriotism such as the flag and the national anthem, and the dissemination of a new version of history, Indonesia sought to ensure that young Timorese could eventually come to view themselves as full-fledged Indonesian citizens.
Both were published shortly after Indonesian independence, under the auspices of Balai Pustaka, a publishing house which specialised in publishing Indonesian language popular literature.
His team will include 3 other Doctors, a team of nurses an Indonesian malaria project manager who is a trained nurse with 25 years experience in the health sector and a staff of 6 facilitators and medical researchers, all of whom have Indonesian language skills and experience in the region,.

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