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A plant automation software platform for managing and controlling the shop floor from Wonderware, a division of British-based Invensys plc (www.wonderware.com). The heart of the "Wonderware System Platform" is the ArchestrA infrastructure, which provides the underlying architecture for common services and integration. The Wonderware System Platform includes the Industrial Application Server (IAS), the primary component, along with a Web server, a SQL-based database and myriad drivers for all data acquisition and industrial machines. Additional components are also available, and third-party applications can also interface with the platform.

Evolving from Wonderware's earlier Factory suites, in 2006, the components of Factory Suite A2 were ArchestrA enabled and combined with Industrial Application Server to form the Wonderware System Platform. The goal was to provide a platform with common controls and development tools for integrating and managing legacy systems with the latest software.

Part of the Wonderware platform, InTouch was the first, and is, the most widely used human machine interface (HMI) for plant visualization, automation and control. In the late 1980s, InTouch was Wonderware's first product (see InTouch).
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In 2010 the system was upgraded to Wonderware Industrial Application Server (IAS).
The new utility simplifies the conversion of legacy system applications to Wonderware's Industrial Application Server, which is built on the ArchestrA software architecture and improves the productivity and maintenance of industrial information and automation systems.
As an early adopter of the ArchestrA Industrial Application Server, EnerSys was able to determine an approach to SCADA that radically reduces the cost of design, implementation and support.
In addition to the DA Server, ArchestrA Device Integration (DI) Objects have been created to represent the device and network hierarchy when connecting Siemens S7 PLCs to the Industrial Application Server.
Company's Production Events Module, a functional module for the Industrial Application Server, is designed to be scalable and to support manufacturers' production and performance standardization efforts across diverse control and supervisory systems.
Since this hardware configuration is "ArchestrA Ready," it can be a platform node that is part of a distributed Industrial Application Server network.
has released an enhanced version of its Industrial Application Server for single-node environments.
1 of its popular Industrial Application Server plant information and automation platform, further expanding the capabilities of the underlying ArchestrA technology.
Through sales of its IndustrialSQL Server, Industrial Application Server and other server-based products, Wonderware has an installed global base of more than 20,000 SQL servers in the plant floor arena.
This provides significant advantages to customers when both the Wonderware Industrial Application Server and InTouch products are used together.
0 software seamlessly integrates with Wonderware's Industrial Application Server, which is built on the ArchestrA software architecture and provides a unified application environment for visualization, plant history, device communications and the integration of automation and IT applications.
The DA Server software also comes with ArchestrA device integration objects that can be used with the Wonderware Industrial Application Server and automatically deployed to remote data servers.

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