Inertial Force

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inertial force

[i′nər·shəl ′fȯrs]
The fictitious force acting on a body as a result of using a noninertial frame of reference; examples are the centrifugal and Coriolis forces that appear in rotating coordinate systems. Also known as effective force.

Inertial Force


a vector quantity equal in magnitude to the product of the mass m of a mass point and the acceleration w of the mass point. The inertial force is opposite in direction to the acceleration. In the case of curvilinear motion, the inertial force can be resolved into a tangential component Jτ opposite in direction to the tangential acceleration wτ and a normal, or centrifugal, component Jn directed away from the center of curvature along the principal normal to the trajectory of the mass point. Numerically, Jτ = mwτ, and Jn = mv2ρ, where v is the velocity of the point and ρ is the radius of curvature of the trajectory. When motion with respect to an inertial frame of reference is studied, the inertial force is introduced in order to have the formal possibility of expressing equations of dynamics in the form of the simpler equations of statics.

The concept of inertial force is also used in the study of relative motion. In this case, when the “vehicle” force Jveh and the Coriolis forces JCor are added to the forces of interaction (with other bodies) acting on the mass point, the equations of motion of the point in a moving, or noninertial, frame of reference can be written in the same form as in an inertial frame (seeRELATIVE MOTION and CORIOLIS FORCE).


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This study proposes a new approach, defining the speed as the speed of travelling waves in the field of gravitational inertial force.
As soon as one of the conditions ceases, the acting gravitational inertial force changes: the standing waves of the force transform into traveling waves.
The "electric" observable component of a time density field manifests as the gravitational inertial force [F.
Ship movement in Y direction during an unmooring operation is usually very slow because the ship encounters stiff resistance in Y direction (abeam); in such cases, considering many situations, inertial forces and moments cannot be taken into account.
Liquid inertial force becomes dominant over the gravity force, and then more liquid intends to divide upward at the junction.
The variety of inertial force at different instantaneous flapping phase was shown in table2.
10; the dominant inertial force seems to be able to overcome minor mechanical disturbances as observed in Modes B and C, the computed start-up time and the size of coating bead are close to those observed experimentally.
The Nissan GT-R was developed with a new understanding and appreciation of the Earth's natural forces - gravity, inertial force and aerodynamics - and translates those forces into a completely new design, maximising tire grip and airflow," a company spokesman said.
Newton's use of the same word, "vis," in impressed force and inertial force and his use of the term vis insita may suggest that inertia is an internal efficient cause or agency that moves a body from within, and some writers have interpreted Newton in just such a way.
In a cascade impactor, particles are captured by inertial force.
The systems also use larger sheaves to further increase inertial force.

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