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a semidome that serves as the ceiling of the semi-cylindrical portions of buildings (an apse or niche). The concha, which originated in eastern Hellenistic architecture, was popular in Roman and Byzantine architecture and in medieval Christian religious buildings. It was often filled with mosaics or frescoes depicting Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Christian saints.


1. The semidome vaulting of an apse; also called a conch.
2. In Spanish architecture and its derivatives, a decorative element in the form of the interior of a sea scallop; see shell-headed.
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On shifting of the inferior nasal concha by fracture, bleeding induced by arterial rupture was observed in the posterior fornix of the inferior nasal meatus and was controlled using bipolar coagulation.
Endoscopic surgery can be effective for the treatment of intractable epistaxis in the posterior fornix of the inferior nasal meatus, and shifting of the inferior nasal concha by fracture and localization of the bleeding points are crucial for successful surgical outcomes.
2,4-7) Our patient had undergone an operation involving the inferior nasal concha 10 years earlier, but we do not know whether she experienced damage to the ethmoid region during that operation.

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