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A high-speed interface used to connect storage networks and computer clusters, introduced in 1999. Using switched, point-to-point channels similar to mainframes and also similar to PCI Express (switched version of PCI), InfiniBand is designed for fabric architectures interconnecting devices in local networks.

A Technology Merger
Supporting both copper wire and optical fibers and originally known as "System I/O," InfiniBand is a combination of Intel's NGIO (Next Generation I/O) and Future I/O from IBM, HP and Compaq. For more information, visit the InfiniBand Trade Association at See RDMA, PCI Express, NGIO and Future I/O.

   Data transfer rate is
   80% of signaling speed.

 Type           Number of(DR =          Bonded Channels data rate)     1x   4x   8x   12xSingle (SDR)   2.5   10  20   30

 Double (DDR)5   20   40   60

 Quad (QDR)10   40   80  120

 14 (FDR)14   56  112  168

 Enhanced (EDR)  26  104  208  312
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Many of the early attempts to connect storage directly to the InfiniBand fabric used SRP as the protocol.
Sandia National Laboratories is interested in InfiniBand because it offers 10 Gbps bandwidth," said Curt Janssen, team leader, Sandia National Laboratories.
NASA's Columbia supercomputer, located in Mountain View, California, uses InfiniBand interconnect - with its low-latency, RDMA capability, and superior scalability - to achieve performance levels necessary to tackle some of NASA's toughest science and engineering problems.
InfiniBand will not replace the networking configuration in a classic data center computing model.
VIEO is committed to delivering commercial-grade InfiniBand software required by our partners to reduce development costs, improve quality and speed products to market.
eIUs Longbow InfiniBand range extension technology exposes this high-performance, parallel file system to other remote clusters on campus.
Providing high performance switching is vital, but making InfiniBand an enterprise-class technology will be the key to successful, cost effective deployments.
a of its InfiniBand Architecture (IBA) specifications.
The Oracle Database 10g demonstration shows the capability to failover seamlessly between InfiniBand and iWARP devices despite the fact that the underlying transport technologies are different.
As the provider of the industry's leading intelligent platform for networking storage, Brocade is pleased to work with the IBTA and companies such as Mellanox to further the development of InfiniBand technologies," said Jay Kidd, Brocade Vice President of Product Marketing.
In spite of these numbers, no one is seriously suggesting that InfiniBand will immediately replace legacy I/O, leave alone more recent I/O approaches such as PCI-X.
InfiniBand continues to be the fastest growing cluster interconnect according to the 27th edition of the TOP500 list of the world's most powerful computers.