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A high-speed interface used to connect storage networks and computer clusters, introduced in 1999. Using switched, point-to-point channels similar to mainframes and also similar to PCI Express (switched version of PCI), InfiniBand is designed for fabric architectures interconnecting devices in local networks.

A Technology Merger
Supporting both copper wire and optical fibers and originally known as "System I/O," InfiniBand is a combination of Intel's NGIO (Next Generation I/O) and Future I/O from IBM, HP and Compaq. For more information, visit the InfiniBand Trade Association at See RDMA, PCI Express, NGIO and Future I/O.

   Data transfer rate is
   80% of signaling speed.

 Type           Number of(DR =          Bonded Channels data rate)     1x   4x   8x   12xSingle (SDR)   2.5   10  20   30

 Double (DDR)5   20   40   60

 Quad (QDR)10   40   80  120

 14 (FDR)14   56  112  168

 Enhanced (EDR)  26  104  208  312
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InfiniBand shifts the burden of processing I/O from the server's CPU onto the InfiniBand network, freeing up the CPU for other processing.
The charter of OFA has been expanded from its InfiniBand roots to be transport independent, which means formal support for iWARP in the OFA software stack.
As a leading driver of the InfiniBand architecture specifications, Intel foresaw the benefits that the InfiniBand architecture would deliver to blade computing," said Jim Pappas director of initiative marketing for Intel's Enterprise Platform Group.
Other high-end devices could also use InfiniBand to interconnect, including industrial equipment, specialized server appliances and professional digital video equipment.
Another major driver of the success of InfiniBand is the widespread availability of InfiniBand technology from the leading server vendors.
Viability of Unified SAN Model: InfiniBand is a unified System Area Network that promises to host any/all server I/O traffic types: LAN/WAN, cluster IPC, and storage.
The InfiniBand specification provides a protocol standard and physical connectivity standard with three connection models.
Paceline's family of intelligent InfiniBand fabric solutions deliver full non-blocking throughput at 4x link speeds to meet the needs of the most demanding cluster computing environments.
This real-time display of fluid dynamic activity egresses the Columbia supercomputer via its InfiniBand I/O fabric.
An interconnect backbone such as InfiniBand enables utility computing.
InfiniSwitch's family of InfiniBand switching products is designed to meet today's growing need for high performance in the data center focused on availability, scalability, and interoperability.
The Obsidian Longbow products were the only solution that allowed us to transparently extend the reach and performance of our InfiniBand storage network," said Dr.