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a. having an unlimited number of digits, factors, terms, members, etc.
b. (of a set) able to be put in a one-to-one correspondence with part of itself
c. (of an integral) having infinity as one or both limits of integration


Larger than any fixed number.


1. Bigger than any natural number. There are various formal set definitions in set theory: a set X is infinite if

(i) There is a bijection between X and a proper subset of X.

(ii) There is an injection from the set N of natural numbers to X.

(iii) There is an injection from each natural number n to X.

These definitions are not necessarily equivalent unless we accept the Axiom of Choice.

2. The length of a line extended indefinitely.

See also infinite loop, infinite set.
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Insomma in entrambe le sezioni discorsive dell'"Infinito" Leopardi appare come seguire la traccia del discorso di Lemene punto per punto, dagli infiniti spazi agli infiniti tempi, ma solo per poi ricodificare quella che era una serie di considerazioni di ordine teologico e generale in un'esperienza personale, assolutamente soggettiva, mentale, psicofisica, e di conseguenza anche laica, in un'elaborazione lirica dell'idea anche nello Zibaldone che <<la tendenza nostra verso un infinito che non comprendiamo proviene forse da una cagione semplicissima, e piu materiale che spirituale>> (134).
O que equivale a indagar qual seria a relacao de nosso tempo com o corpo-alma e o infinito.
By leveraging Asylum Telecom's proprietary Internet communications switching infrastructure, Infinito will be able to reliably and simply enable their broadband DSL customers to take advantage of exciting, converged communications services such as IP telephony.
Reduccion del infinito, as its title suggests, is a conscious artistic effort to reduce personal and human experience to a minimum using the fewest words possible.
In the hierarchy of beings that El Plan Infinito postulates, Charles Reeves occupies the highest position, which gives him absolute authority in the eyes of believers.
TSX: GCM) announced that it has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Industrias Infinito S.
Infinito is a kind of atlas, as Ghirri called it, but the logical system that underlies the project is not so rational: The photographs are not in chronological order.
E na profusao de canais que um servico a cabo, por exemplo, pode oferecer, "zapear" pode ser quase infinito.
The renowned tenor said the album Amore Infinito (Infinite Love) will not just speak to the faithful and insisted "these are songs for everyone".
Il problema e di vedere come attraverso le culture e il tempo cambia il concetto di bellezza, com come cambia il concetto di cibo e di buon cibo: c'e quella bella pagina di Levi-Strauss, quando racconta nella foresta brasiliana che gli indigeni gli danno dei vermi bianchi da mangiare, che loro mangiano con un gusto cosi infinito e lui non sa come fare.
De un dia para el otro, las senales que operan en America latina: Fashion TV, HTV, Infinito, I.
In addition to the previously reported closing of Gap, sources say 1-2-3 and Infinito, which has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection along with sister stores Geraldine, Jackie's, Ranger and Fashion Bazaar, are also leaving one of Puerto Rico's largest malls.