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The development and introduction of inflight refueling of military airplanes, orchestrated by General Curtis E.
Smith's complete inflight refueling history remains to be printed.
Committed to dirty bingo numbers, he tanked in the dirty configuration by extending the inflight refueling probe, using the emergency method.
China will offer the world a glimpse of its inflight refueling aircraft and cutting edge fighter jets for the first time at a military parade celebrating the 50th anniversary of the People's Republic on Oct.
Both jets have inflight refueling capabilities, which greatly boosts their strike range and flight time, Ebata said.
The photographs suggest that China's inflight refueling research and development have already been put into practice, although its operational deployment has not been confirmed yet.
Auxiliary equipment includes such items as crop dusting apparatus, armament racks, inflight refueling equipment, and external fuel tanks.
Air Force KC-10 aircraft is a derivative of the commercial DC-10 especially designed and equipped to provide worldwide inflight refueling and cargo transportation support.
Speel designed the Aircraft Monitoring System (AMOS) that performs remote data acquisition, fuel data control and management of inflight refueling and audio/video recording on board the L-159B.
Air Force contract for the design and manufacture of kits for the installation of new, high-reliability, maintenance-free batteries for the KC-135 inflight refueling aircraft.