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(Information Graphic) An illustration or chart that instructs or informs people. Infographics are used worldwide in every discipline from road maps and street signs to product ads. Theoretically, infographics are developed to make a subject easier to understand than by using only text; however, they are often created to make a subject less boring to read. See information visualization.

Text Vs. Graphics
The points come across much better when the following text is rendered as an infographic:
*The brain at 20 years old
*The lungs at 20 years old
*The skin at 25 years old
*The muscles at 30 years old
*The hair at 30 years old
*The eyes at 40 years old
*The heart at 40 years old
*The kidneys at 50 years old
*The gut at 55 years old
*The liver at 70 years old

Much More Visceral
This infographic strikes home far more than the text alone. The Visme online presentation tool makes it easy to create eye-catching infographics. For more information, visit
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