information warfare

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information warfare

Also called "cyberterrorism" and "cyberwarfare," it refers to creating havoc by disrupting the computers that manage stock exchanges, power grids, air traffic control, telecommunications and defense systems. The traditional viruses, Trojans and denial of service attacks are part of the arsenal, all aimed at disrupting a government rather than a company. See virus, Trojan and denial of service attack.

Information warfare is increasingly the first offensive move before the start of a physical attack. The military in many countries have full-time cyberwarriors on the payroll, because the more successful a cyberattack on an early warning defense system, the greater the success of the real attack. For example, according to the book "Cyber War," North Korea may have as many as a thousand hackers stationed in China, working on knocking out systems in South Korea and other countries.

The first book to deal with the subject was "Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway," written by Winn Schwartau in 1994. Cited above, "Cyber War," by Richard A. Clarke and Robert K. Knake is an eye-opening treatise on the subject, released in 2010.
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A February 2006 report on information operations by the military's joint staff defined the goal as "to influence, disrupt, corrupt or usurp adversarial human and automated decision-making while protecting our own.
An information manager--who was also a senior executive--was able to keep all of the information operations in his pharmaceutical concern under one umbrella, which, for the time being, is still labeled a library.
The 8AF units include the 67th Information Operations Wing, Lackland AFB, TX; the 70th Intelligence Wing, Ft.
The relationship these two factors share appears to be the same one that modern doctrine writers and military operators are struggling less successfully to describe with the terms kinetic operations and information operations.
Data mining, networks, and database management are vital parts of this type of war, in which security is paramount and in which defensive and offensive information operations go hand in hand.
A comparison of the service doctrine with Joint Pub 3-13 reveals that each has considered information operations in terms of its doctrine.
Additional deployable support teams such as the National Intelligence Support Team (NIST) and the Joint Information Operations Center (JIOC) team are also considered to be complementary to efforts by space support teams.
Navy Information Operations Command Norfolk serves as the Navy's Center of Excellence for Information Operations (IO).
Information operations are "the planning and integrated employment of capabilities in the information environment across the phases of joint military operations.
Mehan developed, implemented and managed USAREUR's defensive information operations program, as well a theater strategy for the introduction of information operations into the Bosnian Theater of operations.
Currently, Lanni is the Air, Space, and Information Operations director at Headquarters AFMC.
In their article "Defining Information Operations Forces: What Do We Need?

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