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(also called detonating powders or primary explosives), chemical compounds that explode easily on impact, friction, or flame, releasing energy sufficient to initiate detonation in secondary (high) explosives. The most important initiators are mercury fulminate, lead azide, lead trinitroresorcinate, and tetrazene. Azides and fulminates (salts of fulminic acid) of heavy metals, organic azides (such as cyanur triazide, C3N12), organic peroxides, derivatives of tetrazol and tetrazene, certain derivatives of diazo compounds, and silver acetylide are also used.

Initiators are used in war matériel and blasting operations to rig priming caps and electrical detonators. Mixtures of initiators with oxidants and combustible substances are used to rig percussion caps (they ignite powder charges of firearms); a mechanical mixture of powders of mercury fulminate, potassium chlorate, and antimony trisulfide is most often used for this purpose. Lead azide is mainly used to load commercial explosive devices (electrical detonators and priming caps). Because of the high sensitivity to mechanical and thermal impulses and the associated great danger of an explosion, the manufacture and handling of initiators must be accompanied by special safety precautions. The shipment of initiators is allowed only in the form of finished products (priming caps).


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Project initiators may be able to support a lower retail tax base in Washington or other states by specifying the dollar value of each reward.
The polydispersity of the obtained product is approximately 2, which is expected for these types of initiators at temperatures higher than 130[degrees]C [13].
In the centralized algorithms [8,15,16], the initiator maintains the Local Wait-For Graph (LWFG) to detect a deadlock.
com, for Syrgis Performance Initiators AB; or Malin Thor of Syrgis Performance Initiators AB, +46-(0)8-545-121-60, mthor@syrgis.
These additional initiators and edge expanders can, in turn, be linked to other hosts and drives, providing additional connection nodes.
Microsoft Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) architecture includes the Microsoft(R) iSCSI initiator service, the Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator driver, as well as various APIs and infrastructure to enable a supportable, manageable iSCSI environment.
We discovered that the first bead on the string, a carbon-based molecule called an initiator, regulates how fast other beads are added to the string.
Crosslinking with peroxide initiators is said to add many product and performance advantages, including the improvement in stability of the encapsulate films produced in PV manufacturing.
Organic peroxide initiators include dialkyl peroxides, diacyl peroxides, peroxydicarbonates, alkyl-hydroperoxides, peroxyesters, peroxyketals, and custom blends.
In this study, we synthesized PUFs from 4,4'-diphenylmethane diisocyanate (PMDI) and polypropylene glycols (PPG), which were prepared from four different types of initiators such as sorbitol and its combinations with toluene diamine (TDA), ethylene diamine (EDA), and sucrose/ glycerin.
Photo initiators are used in resins to "cure" the material.
TSgt Devereaux, TSgt St Amand, SSgt Tenpenny and SSgt Faulk realized that serious injury, or even death, could occur if any of the four M-27 initiators in the T-38's egress system were inadvertently fired due to a pre-load condition.