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C10H12N4O5 A compound occurring in muscle; a hydrolysis product of inosinic acid.



(hypoxanthine riboside), a nucleoside consisting of the nitride purine base hypoxanthine and the carbohydrate ribose. Inosine is the intermediate product of nucleic acid metabolism. It is formed in the organism during the deamination of adenosine and also by synthesis from a free base according to the reaction hypoxanthine + ribose- 1 -phosphate ⇆ inosine + phosphate. This reversible reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme nucleoside phosphorylase.

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IMP degradation to inosine and hypoxanthine is a constant but fast reaction at the early postmortem period, and because dry-aging takes a long time to change the meat characteristics, the increases and/or concentrated levels of free amino acids would be more important than those of nucleotides.
Inosine released after hypoxia activates hepatic glucose liberation through A3 adenosine receptors.
The total primer concentration in each reaction was 1 [micro]M corresponding to a concentration of each primer in the cocktail of 30, 10, and 10 nM for inosine, degenerate, and non-degenerate primers, respectively (Ivanova et al.
Following parameters were assessed to measure the efficacy of preparation consisting of combination of buffered phosphorus along with inosine and sodium pyruvate:
Inactivation of peroxynitrite in multiple sclerosis patients after oral administration of inosine may suggest possible approaches to therapy of the disease.
In this reaction the first step, where adenosine plus water is converted to inosine and ammonia by ADA, is the same.
Everlast Energy offers sustained energy with no crash or jitters, increased red blood cell oxygenation and expedited update of oxygen via inosine, reduction of lactic acid through DMG, and an overall stimulation of circulation.
Similar experiments with germination mutants, gerI5 and gerL1, which lacked inosine and L-alanine receptors, respectively, demonstrated: 2.
Full remissions were more common in patients treated with mycophenolate mofetil, an inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase inhibitor with anti-inflammatory action that is approved for prevention of transplant rejection.
A new study indicates that Inosine, a naturally occurring chemical, can induce axon (nerve fiber) growth within the brain and spinal cord, and thereby improve motor function after stroke in animal models.
The compound, called inosine, induces nerve fibers to grow and reconnect in the brain and spinal cord, say the researchers.
MPA inhibits inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase, an enzyme involved in the guanosine nucleotide synthesis pathway.