Inside Passage

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Inside Passage,

natural, protected waterway, c.950 mi (1,530 km) long, threading through the Alexander Archipelago off the coast of British Columbia and SE Alaska. From Seattle, Wash., to Skagway, Alaska, or via Cross Sound to the Gulf of Alaska, the route uses channels and straits between islands and the mainland that afford protection from the storms and open waters of the Pacific Ocean. Snowcapped mountains, forests, waterfalls, glaciers, and deep, narrow channels give the Inside Passage great scenic beauty. It was known to Spanish, Russian, English, and American explorers. It is an important coastal route for Canadian shipping as well as the route generally used by ships sailing between the continental United States and Alaska.
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The waters of the Inside Passage are loaded with nutrient-rich krill and small fish in the summer, which is why humpback whales linger here to fatten up before their winter migrations to Hawaii or Mexico.
Although building your own boat to paddle through the waters of Alaska's Inside Passage - the protected waterway that extends from Alaska's southern reach all the way to the Puget Sound in Washington - is not completely unheard of and has definitely been done before, it is somewhat rare and impressive, says Dan Geiger, director of the University of Oregon's Outdoor Program.
Beer enthusiasts will enjoy beer-tasting and educational seminars during the July 26 --August 2, 2003 cruise sailing from Vancouver through the Inside passage to Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway and Hubbard Glacier returning to Vancouver.
The premier arrived in time to end local threats of a shipping blockade in the inside passage.
Fifteen other trips have been added to that first one, from a 24-hour San Francisco-to-Seattle commute, to a month-long Alaskan Expedition (a trip that includes a ferry ride through the Inside Passage and a five-day visit to Denali National Park).
This time we found ourselves at 750 feet, surveying an entire archipelago of Inside Passage islands: Zarembo, Etolin, Bushy, Shrubby, and others.
The Inside Passage is Alaska as most of us imagine it: 10 million acres of forest that contain at least 25,000 brown bears and perhaps 15,000 bald eagles.
Additionally, it is a summer destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists making their way through the Inside Passage," said Liane Pelletier, president and chief executive officer of ACS.
Inside Passage from Seattle - Ruby Princess and Crown Princess offer convenient weekend departures on two different seven-day roundtrip cruises from Seattle along the scenic Inside Passage.
Preliminary plans are for it to operate summers in AlaskaOs Inside Passage beginning in 2013 and fall and spring on the Columbia and Snake rivers.
The ship also explores Hubbard Glacier, Tracy Arm and Sawyer Glaciers and AlaskaOs Inside Passage, one of the most scenic sea-lanes in the world.
CYCA Members are invited to join in this luxurious 9 night, all inclusive Silversea's Silver Shadow cruise along the Inside Passage to Alaska that will depart or] 3 September 2010.