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(INSTAnt camera teleGRAM) A very popular photo and video social networking service for mobile devices founded in 2010. Initially for iOS, Android and website versions were added in 2012.

Pictures taken with the Instagram app can be sent to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, foursquare or Flickr, as well as to the user's account on the Instagram website. In 2012, Instagram became famous overnight when Facebook announced its acquisition of the year-and-a-half old company for USD $1 billion.

Stories and Live Video
In 2016, Stories was added that lets users post photos and short videos that last for 24 hours. A slide show can be created by adding images and videos. Also in 2016, Live Video lets Instagram users share videos in real time. See Boomerang and Hyperlapse.

Follow Your Favorite Instagrammer
Individuals, entertainers and commercial enterprises post images about their area of interest, invite comments and enable people to "follow" them similar to Twitter.

Enhance Before Sending
Instagram includes a raft of image filters users can choose before sending off their photos. With a couple of taps on the iPhone app, this original photo (top) was greatly enhanced. See image filter.
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And this week the firm, who share the sales fee for the picture with the Instagrammer, were shortlisted as one of Scotland's top 10 new firms at a Virgin StartUp competition in Edinburgh.
The Instagrammer in question is 26-year-old Alex Meixner and she's a fitness trainer (@MeowMeix).
Quality is the key: As an Instagrammer and aspiring influencer, it is imperative to maintain a constant flow of quality content.
Thankfully though, it's not all kale smoothies and cauliflower pizzas - the Instagrammer has a pretty human Achilles' heel, albeit fairly vanilla on the celebrity vice spectrum.
com of your favourite Instagrammer can show you their daily and monthly numbers, with some pages show jumps of up to 2,000 new followers a day, at least three to four times a month, while www.
The collection's pastel colors, classic black and white will catch the attention of any Instagrammer as the skirts, T-shirts, cropped sweaters, suspended pants and skirts are all accompanied with hidden messages like 'Cauz I got it from my mama', 'Cauz I posted', 'Cauz lol and ttyn,' and 'lol' to express what it is like to be part of the digital and social media influencer era.
Dolce La Hulpe Brussels (Belgium) worked with Brussels travel expert and lifestyle Instagrammer Galle VP, to craft a nature, health and wellbeing experience through the stunning Sonian Forest, recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The first event took place on 22nd June in Cologne, Germany, where a group of 15 students were joined by Pulitzer prize winner and highly acclaimed photographer Daniel Etter and Instagrammer Karla Schwede to learn about visual storytelling.
One Instagrammer told me he saw my billboard in Abu Dhabi Terminal 1 Departure so my friend and I went and took some photos beside it.
ABOUT BEING AN INSTAGRAMMER : Using Instagram teaches me to be open to the world, but it also reminds me to maintain some privacy.
Embodying all the great qualities of outlandish stylists and designers I've worked with throughout my career in the fashion industry, it is this precise desire to go bigger and more beautiful, and to bring joy to people with the images you create, that has grown my affection for this insane Instagrammer.
However, Brian has been exposed by an instagrammer called Evon Amolo for sending her naughty texts messages.