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instant messaging

Exchanging text messages in real time between two or more people logged into a particular instant messaging (IM) service. Instant messaging is more interactive than e-mail because messages are sent immediately, whereas e-mail can be queued up in a mail server for seconds or minutes. However, there are no elaborate page layout options in instant messaging as there are with e-mail. The basic operation is simple: type a brief message and press Enter.

Instant messaging services may also provide video calling, file sharing as well as PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone calling. Some services can switch from "text chat" to "voice chat" for users with a headset or microphone.

Buddy Lists
In order to set up an instant message, you have to add the usernames of the people you want to message with to your "buddy list" (friend list, contact list). When they log in to the Internet with their IM software, and provided they have not configured themselves as "invisible," you are instantly alerted. When they log out, you are also notified. Each system has its own method for blocking incoming and outgoing messages.

The IM Services
Instant messaging (IM) became popular after Israeli-based ICQ introduced its service in 1996, which was later acquired by AOL. The major IM services are AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber and Skype. See AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber and Skype.

Although third-party IM clients such as Trillian and Simple Instant Messenger were designed to interface with multiple IM services, the client programs from the IM service were always proprietary to that service. Google changed that practice by basing Google Talk on the open XMPP protocol used in Jabber (see XMPP). See IRC, chat, chat room, voice over IM, Google Talk and IMUnified.

Short and Sweet
This Google Talk snippet is a typical text interaction. The user's picture can be real or selected from a list (see avatar). In this example, Alan used a real photo, while Lynn preferred the smiling monkey.
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As long as the computer is turned on, the teachers have access to their instant messages.
Both instant messages and e-mail messages can help smooth things over after a fight, says Nora Gross, 17, of New York City, who says that electronic communications have helped strengthen her relationship with her father.
Despite the lack of government regulation, companies must save employee instant messages on their own for liability protection and other purposes.
Multi-tasking while online is very popular, as IM users tend to engage in multiple online activities while sending instant messages.
com, more than 3 billion instant messages zip around the world, moving among 400 million users connected through global instant messaging (IM) networks.
Furthermore, users can update their LiveJournal content via instant messages, or by using the software to record "voice posts" without leaving their computers, ideal for International users who wish to avoid the high cost of calling U.
Our powerful "MessageStorm" technology analyzes instant messages, hunting down dangerous messages to help protect your children online.
AOL's desktop-to-mobile messaging features also give Dobson subscribers the ability to forward incoming instant messages to their mobile phones while they are away from their computers so that they can continue to respond in real time if they like.
Just as you can call, email or SMS your contacts, regardless of their service provider or the type of network they use, users of different Instant Messaging services should be able to exchange instant messages and presence information without hindrance," said Dotan Volach, CEO at Followap.
Globally, instant messaging use is on the rise with nearly 12 billion instant messages being sent every day, according to IDC Research(1).
Nationwide and around the world, instant messaging use is growing, with nearly 12 billion(1) instant messages being sent every day worldwide, according to IDC.