Windows keyboard

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Windows keyboard

A 104-key keyboard (U.S. layout) that is the de facto standard keyboard included with new desktop PCs. Introduced in 1995, the Windows keyboard superseded the 101-key Enhanced keyboard and added three keys specialized for Windows.

Two Windows and One Menu Key
A key with the Windows logo was added on each side of the space bar, which activates the Start menu/screen and other functions (see Windows key). A third Menu key was included as an alternative to right clicking the mouse. Also called the "Context Menu key." See PC keyboard.

Windows Function Keys
The only changes from the earlier Enhanced keyboard were these three keys specialized for Windows. (Image courtesy of Das Keyboard,

Logo and Menu
The Windows logo on the Windows key is more easily recognized than the icon on the Menu key, which is meant to be a menu list with a pointer.
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1) The Quick Launch button will open IntelliType keyboard or IntelliPoint mouse software when using Windows XP.
The software supports Microsoft's Internet Keyboard Pro with Intellitype software and runs under the Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 operating systems.
2) The Quick-Launch button will open IntelliType keyboard or IntelliPoint mouse software when using Windows XP.
The Microsoft Station's IntelliType software allows users to control all keyboard features and the ability to swiftly launch and change applications at their fingertips.
IntelliType Pro keyboard and IntelliPoint mouse software allow users to reassign mouse buttons to perform frequently used functions such as cut and paste, or personalize the keyboard to launch a preferred Web site.
In addition, the KB101 and KB101Plus Windows '95 keyboards come with IntelliType software that provides a control panel for operating the mouse cursor and system cursor from the keyboard in Windows 3.
Microsoft Office Keyboard offers more than 50 programmable button options, making it simple for users to easily customize their keyboards through IntelliType Pro keyboard software.
To use with IntelliType software and the hot keys, users need the following:
Microsoft Upgrades IntelliPoint and IntelliType Software for
0 and Microsoft Home Mouse have been upgraded to full 32-bit functionality for the Windows(R) 95 operating system, and that IntelliType software drivers for the Microsoft Natural Keyboard(TM) peripheral have been upgraded to 32-bit functionality and enhanced to add even more value to Windows 95.
The Microsoft Natural Keyboard also comes with its own IntelliType software driver, which contains a new keyboard control panel.