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It seems impractical to implement intelligent agent or such a computerized technology.
In this paper the authors try to check the advantages and disadvantages of using an intelligent agent in order to optimise the client-server architecture of an acces-controll system data flow.
Intelligent agents, sometimes called "smart assistants," are currently being used for a wide number of tasks.
Still, don't expect to see any stories from the New York Times, Boston lobe, Los Angeles Times, or Washington Post, mainly because these newspapers and their parent companies are working on intelligent agent services of heir own, according to Jennewein.
The leading-edge developers already have impressive examples of Intelligent Agent technology.
Note to Editors: Intelligent Agent Security Manager, IASM, Promia Cyber Warfare Laboratory, and CWL are trademarks of Promia Incorporated.
Sometimes those intelligent agents are little pieces of software that you commission to go out on the Internet and find good deals for you.
They represent a recent commercial application of research on a broad class of computer programs known as intelligent agents.
E3W gives knowledge expertsCostrategists, scientists, researchers and othersCothe ability to build working models, simulations and intelligent agents without the need for scripting languages or complex rule-based systems.
The company's LevelOne intelligent agents automate the full lifecycle of speech self-service capabilities, making sure the best agent is always on the call.
These include an ontology-based approach to business rules sourcing in supply chain management systems, approaches and tools to optimize and manage clinical processes, agent-based modeling and simulation for explaining the impact of education on malaria healthcare, an intelligent multi-robot system using higher-order mobile agents, instrument validation for strategic business simulation, building sound semantic web frameworks for scalable and fault-tolerant systems, automatic database management, the monitoring and enforcing of online auction ethics, and mail server management with intelligent agents.

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