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see Communications Satellite CorporationCommunications Satellite Corporation
(Comsat), organization incorporated (1962) by an act of Congress to establish a commercial system of international communications using artificial satellites. Although government sponsored, it was financed by a public stock issue.
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; communications satellitecommunications satellite
artificial satellite that functions as part of a global radio-communications network. Echo 1, the first communications satellite, launched in 1960, was an instrumented inflatable sphere that passively reflected radio signals back to earth.
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A satellite network, formerly under international control, used for global communication by more than 100 countries; the system uses geostationary satellites over the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans and highly directional antennas at earth stations. Derived from International Telecommunications Satellite.


(company, communications)
A private satellite communications company that provides telephony, corporate network, video and Internet solutions around the globe via capacity on 25 geosynchronous satellites.


(INTELSAT, Washington, DC, A leading supplier of commercial satellite services, including HDTV, broadband and IPTV delivery. Created in 1964, with 11 countries participating, COMSAT is the U.S. signatory of INTELSAT. In 2001, INTELSAT accomplished an historic transformation from a treaty-based organization to a privately held company. Its fleet expanded to more than 50 satellites in 2006 when INTELSAT acquired all assets of PanAmSat.
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Intelsat has indicated that new debt will be assumed by a new entity junior to the existing Intelsat (Bermuda), Ltd.
The contract with Intelsat enables Avail Media to distribute high-quality video and audio services to our clients in a robust fashion," said Jon Romm, Executive Vice President of Sales for Avial Media.
Intelsat Holding Corporation (f/k/a PanAmSat Holding Corporation)
From the first reports of fiber communications disruptions, Intelsat was working around the clock to provide additional satellite capacity to customers throughout Southeast Asia.
In addition to existing customers, Intelsat 33e is attracting new customers.
According to the company, with this exceptionally flexible HTS payload design, Intelsat 33e, operating from 60[degree sign] East, will extend Intelsat's HTS services in C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean regions.
Intelsat 36 is the 58th Intelsat satellite launched by Arianespace.
Boeing is proud to have been selected to build the Intelsat 29e satellite, which is designed to raise the industry bar for performance and reliability and offer customers unparalleled flexibility and control, said Craig Cooning, chief executive officer of Boeing Satellite Systems International and vice president and general manager of Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems.
In connection with such repayment and redemption of Intelsat Corp's indebtedness, Intelsat Corp intends to cease filing annual and quarterly periodic reports with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, effective immediately.
A complementary high-throughput overlay to the Intelsat fleet, the Intelsat Epic(NG) platform will utilize multiple frequency bands, wide beams and spot beams with a high degree of flexibility and connectivity.
Once operational in September, Intelsat 20 will replace Intelsat 7 and Intelsat 10 at 68.
signed a multi-year renewal agreement for satellite capacity on Intelsat 10 at 68.