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interbreeding of races, esp where differences of pigmentation are involved



the mixing of human races. The offspring of these mixed marriages are called half-breeds.

Racial mixing has always taken place in regions where various racial groups have been in contact with one another. The scale of such crossing grew considerably after the great geographical discoveries of the 15th to 17th centuries and the subsequent colonial expansion and slave trading. It is a natural phenomenon in human history and proves the untenability of the reactionary theory of polygenism (the theory of the origin of the principal races of mankind from different ancestors, thereby ascribing Caucasoids, Mongoloids, and Negroids to separate species). The same capacity of half-breeds for reproduction as is found in intraracial unions—not the case between different species—is the most convincing proof of the species unity of mankind and the close kinship of all human races.


Intermarriage between different races.
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An inter-racial marriage presents an opportunity for shared cultural understanding and can be a huge benefit for the children?
With inter-racial relationships now more accepted across the TV channels--it could be considered that they are now thought to be essential to any programme--television has to turn to other kinds of relationship to "shock".
The "authoritative custom" behind why these men are doing this is their 20 year history of meeting and consistently holding to four underlying "expectations" that has allowed building these types of inter-racial friendships with other men.
In this search, Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl poses in its clearest form the problem that Daileader wants to solve by revealing how white women (as mistresses in the slave household) are pitted against black women (as slaves) through the institution of marriage: "In its searchingly honest discussions of female inter-racial rivalry, the book lays bare marriage--at least in the slave-holding class--as a racist-masculinist institution that pits white women against black" (130).
Arcidiacono, Khan, and Vigdor show that inter-racial relationships are more likely to form among students with comparable test scores.
State of Alabama, 1883, which affirmed inter-racial sexual liaison to be a punishable crime, or Virginia's self-revealing 'Act to Preserve Racial Integrity', 1924).
As an actor, Robeson's career took off in 1928 with his portrayal of Joe in Show Boat, a revolutionary musical exploring themes of racial prejudice, inter-racial marriage, alcoholism and poverty.
During those years, that community organized its common life in inter-racial extended family households, shared a poverty level budget, struggled to open the local Episcopal church liturgy to a charismatic spirituality and then to an African American sensibility, initiated co-operative enterprises facilitating low-income "takeovers" of their own rental units, and worked extensively with energetic younger people and hungry older people to develop relevant programs for their needs.
Aside from these badges of infamy, BJU also implements a ban on inter-racial dating amongst its students.
One also comes to understand inter-relations between race and gender from one generation to another as her Aunt Ethel reflects on the values of her time when defiance was a means to fill an end and the an influence on inter-racial relationship
The issue of inter-racial sexual desire is highly problematic within American culture.

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