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Once the Segment 1 flow control was completed and tested, work was started on the design to prepare the Edison Corridor Interceptor (ECI) and a portion of the Oakland Arm Interceptor (0AI) for future repairs.
Our experience with the Crown Victoria helped us develop the next generation of Police Interceptor vehicles that serve as tools for public safety officials to do their jobs safely, efficiently and effectively," said Lisa Teed, Ford marketing manager for the Police Interceptor products.
During his talks with Kitazawa, Gates called for a relaxation of Japan's arms embargo and prodded Tokyo to pave the way for exports of the new interceptors to third countries, particularly European, the sources said.
A[cedilla] 12 Gbps Throughput -- The Interceptor 9350 supports up to 12 Gbps of ingress and egress traffic, which enables customers to provide WAN optimization for their largest data center requirements.
The Interceptor allows clusters of up to 25 Steelhead appliances to work together seamlessly and simplifies network setup, while offering an even wider choice of high-availability configurations to support the largest and most complex enterprise networks.
Radars were stationed at Konark and Paradip coast to monitor the behaviour of the interceptor missle, sources said.
Prior to administration of Interceptor Plus, dogs should be tested for existing heartworm infections.
The test was conducted to validate various parameters of the interceptor in flight mode, said a defence source.
According to the Sacramento Business Journal, the entire Northwest Interceptor will stretch 37 miles, passing twice under the Sacramento River as it runs from Citrus Heights through North Natomas and West Sacramento before making its way down to the regional wastewater treatment plant near Elk Grove.
WASHINGTON -- A historic moment took place July 22 at Fort Greely, Alaska, as the first ground-based missile interceptor (GBI) was placed in an underground silo at the missile defense complex there.
THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: A Jensen Interceptor FF and a new Jensen soft top