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It fits factory triggers well and tends to be a little too large for the frame, developing a nice interference fit when finally installed.
Prior to assembly, the head is heated and screwed onto the barrel while hot, driving the expanded shrink band into an interference fit on the barrel.
Additional intraoperative observation demonstrated stable fixation of the baseplate with interference fit of the central peg alone, prior to screw placement in most bone densities.
A tight interference fit between mating parts is obtained by shrinking-on, that is, by heating the outer part to expand the diameter for easy assembly and then cooling so that the outer part contracts.
Peripheral fit and additional screw fixation achieved a snug interference fit.
In this instance, the chamber is too short and a standard-spec cartridge may prevent the action from closing, at least without a "crush" or interference fit.
As a result, the accuracy of the position angles of the wheels was increased to ensure interference fit values.
2005), Hamstring tendon versus patellar tendon anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using biodegradable interference fit fixation: a prospective matched-group analysis, Am J Sports Med.
The conical tips have an interference fit into receiver slots for rapid replacement.
These products have an outer fence or frame that is soldered to the PCB during the reflow process and a separate lid that attaches to this frame using either a knife-edge contact or interference fit between the lid and can.
Dryseal threads have roots that are more truncated than the crests, so an interference fit causes the roots to crush the crests of the mating threads.
For this, a tight interference fit is required between the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft.

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