Internal Friction

internal friction

[in′tərn·əl ′frik·shən]
(fluid mechanics)
Conversion of mechanical strain energy to heat within a material subjected to fluctuating stress.
In a powder, the friction that is developed by the particles sliding over each other; it is greater than the friction of the mass of solid that comprises the individual particles.

Friction, Internal


a group of various processes within solids, and in liquids and gases, that lead to the irreversible dissipation of mechanical energy during deformation through the transformation of mechanical energy into heat. (SeeINTERNAL FRICTIONIN SOLIDS; regarding internal friction in liquids and gases, seeVISCOSITY.)

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The input parameters needed for the analysis mainly included the shear strength parameters that is cohesion angle of internal friction and unit weight of the formation materials these values were obtained from tests conducted in laboratory.
The angle of the peak from the flat surface is the "angle of repose" and is an indicator of the internal friction characteristics of the mixture.
Ferrari have done a huge amount of work reducing the engine's internal friction to improve fuel consumption but the likelihood is that you are going to get only 14mpg round town and nearer 20mpg on easier roads.
There would not be any strong bull run in Europe as there are concerns in the euro zone due to internal friction between the Western and the Eastern countries.
t] is unit weight of the slide, Fi is reaction of the embankment inclined at an angle p to the normal on the plan, Ti is tensile strength of the reinforcement, [theta] is angle of the segment of failure to the horizontal, [phi] is internal friction angle, [S.
Subsequently Iraq will separate into three, four, five or more different regions, but not the way everyone had envisioned, as the south will have several regional governments, such as Basrah, Najaf and Kerbala, each becoming a mini entity, and there's no predicting how the internal friction could play out.
The method of a modified Boussinesq equation and slices is suggested to compute slope stability in terms of clay cohesion and internal friction determined under unconsolidated-undrained conditions.
The opening section on shape memory alloys investigates the internal friction of hydrogenated Ti (Ni,Cu) shape memory alloys, the effect of heat treatments on damping characteristics, and the suppression of martensitic phase transformation by ion implantation.
Two through 30 hp models feature hermetic scroll compressors, which are said to provide low noise and high reliability because there are fewer moving parts, reduced rotating mass and less internal friction than reciprocating compressors.
Whether or not it will work with more than six cylinders and larger displacements depends on an engine's internal friction and compression ratio.
Internal friction took its toll, with Copeland and Sting - born Gordon Sumner - falling out in the band's later stages.
The singer and mum-of-two bowed out from the quintet, whose members include Cardiff's Noel Sullivan, after internal friction.