International Code Council

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International Code Council (ICC)

An organization that is the consolidation of the BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI.
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Next month, the International Code Council is expected to release drafts of its 2015 updates.
The International Code Council has published its final version of the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) Version 2.
at the Final Action Hearings of the International Code Council (ICC) will result in historic gains in the energy efficiency of building energy codes.
Co-published with the International Code Council and the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI), this volume presents detailed, step-by-step guidelines to the structural design and engineering of tall buildings using reinforced concrete.
Sustainable development made another leap forward as the International Code Council (ICC) unveiled Public Version 1.
Abu Dhabi's International Fire Code is based on the US International Code Council standards and is expected to be in place in the emirate after it was amended to fit local buildings, he added.
The grant is supported by the International Code Council, an association that develops safety codes used to construct residential and commercial buildings.
She said the new fee structure, which adheres to the International Code Council, would also increase the percentage of the Building Department's budget covered by fees.
The International Code Council (ICC) has concluded the first of two hearings scheduled for its 2004/2005 code revision cycle.
The International Code Council will continue to work with HUD through the code-development process to ensure the 2006 edition of the IBC will also comply with FHA's design and construction requirements.
Meanwhile, the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals is meeting with the International Code Council, which writes the IRC, to change the wording for the 2005 code, said Carvin DiGiovanni, APSP's senior director of technical, educational and government relations.

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