International Grenfell Association

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International Grenfell Association,

organization established in 1912 to aid the efforts of Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell (1865–1940), an English physician and missionary to the people of Labrador, Canada. The association has helped to make possible the building of hospitals, orphanage boarding schools, agricultural stations, and other community enterprises in Canada.
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From his base in St Anthony, he becomes instrumental in building a network of nursing outposts, hospitals, hospital ships, and medical services along the coast of this remote locale with the help of voluntary funding, especially from 1914 with the formation of the International Grenfell Association (an umbrella organization for American and British supporters), which network enables him to attract a steady stream of American, British, and other doctors, nurses, and workers.
As Rompkey outlines, the impetus for much of the recent publication history of biographical writing on Grenfell came from various publishers, prospective authors, and finally the executive of the International Grenfell Association, along with its British and American representatives, who had a vested interest in keeping the Grenfell "brand name" topical--all of this suggesting that Grenfell's name still held a certain cachet and, perhaps, too, might hold some cash.
Over the years Igloliorte has been involved with organizations such as the Boy Scouts, the International Grenfell Association, and the Melville Native Housing Association.
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