International Law Association

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International Law Association


one of the oldest international, nongovernmental organizations, founded in Brussels in October 1873 under the name of the Association for the Reform and Codification of the Law of Nations; its present name was adopted in 1895. According to the charter, the goals of the International Law Association are the “study, interpretation, and advancement of public and private international law, the making of proposals for the resolution of conflicts of law and for the unification of law, and also the fostering of international understanding and goodwill.” Membership is both individual and collective. Lawyers from 65 countries make up the individual members of the International Law Association. There are national international law associations in 35 countries. Altogether the International Law Association unites more than 4,000 people. The Soviet International Law Association (with more than 300 people) has been a collective member of the International Law Association since 1957; 25 Soviet lawyers are individual members of the International Law Association. The organ of the Soviet International Law Association, Sovetskii ezhegodnik mezh-dunarodnogo prava (Soviet Yearbook of International Law) has been published in the USSR since 1958.

The highest organ of the International Law Association is the conference called every two years; there have been 53 conferences up to Jan. 1, 1969. In the interval between conferences the highest organ is the executive council elected by the conference and made up predominantly of the presidents of the national international law associations; the council is headed by the president of the International Law Association who is elected by the conference for two years. The secretary-general is in charge of the current business of the International Law Association. International committees and commissions dealing with the following problems operate within the framework of the International Law Association: legal aspects of peaceful coexistence, the Charter of the United Nations, the legal position of women, family relations, international medical law, international monetary law, international commercial arbitration, the legal aspects of the peaceful use of atomic energy, the use of the waters of international rivers, space law, the succession of new states, the right of asylum, human rights, and legal aspects of international trade and investment. Publications of the International Law Association include accounts of conferences (every two years) and special reports. Its official languages are English and French.


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Asi, las "Reglas Opcionales para Arbitraje de Controversias Relativas a las Actividades del Espacio Ultraterrestre" adoptadas por la Corte Permanente de Arbitraje de La Haya en 2011 contribuyen con el desarrollo de los "Principios Relativos a la Teleobservacion de la Tierra desde el Espacio" (Resolucion 41/65 de Asamblea General de la ONU), segun lo planteado en la Conferencia Internacional de Berlin (2004) por la International Law Association.
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To that end, I intend that in April 2008 a one day conference will be held by this Branch, at which Australian members of International Law Association committees will present the work of their committees and facilitate discussion and input from the wider membership and other interested individuals.
Note the Resolution on Islamic Law adopted by the 65th Conference of the International Law Association, which clarified this point beyond doubt, Cairo Conference Report, 1992, 5.
This annual volume issued under the auspices of the Canadian Branch of the International Law Association and the Canadian Council on International Law contains six articles in the field of international legal studies, a notes and comments section, a digest of international economic law (in French), a section on current Canadian practice in international law (including recent parliamentary declarations and Canadian treaty actions), a digest of key Canadian cases in public and private international law, and book reviews.
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In response to these challenges the International Law Association has a small but significant part to play.
Report of the International Law Association American Branch Law of the Sea Committee

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