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acronym for the International Criminal Police Organization, a worldwide clearinghouse for police information. Conceived in 1914, Interpol was formally established in 1923 with headquarters at Vienna. In 1938, it was effectively disbanded by Hitler's Anschluss of Austria. After World War II, the agency was reconstituted (1946) with headquarters in Paris; the headquarters were moved to Lyons, France, in 1989. Its principal services are to provide its 190 member countries with information on the whereabouts of international criminals, to organize seminars on scientific crime detection, and to facilitate the apprehension of criminals. It does not apprehend criminals directly; Interpol has no officials who do policing or criminal investigative work. The organization claims to avoid those crimes that deal with political, military, religious, or racial matters. Interpol has been most successful with regard to counterfeiting, forgery, smuggling, and the narcotics trade.


See studies by M. Anderson (1989) and M. Fooner (1989).


International Criminal Police Organization, an association of over 100 national police forces, devoted chiefly to fighting international crime
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We publicly commented because it was important for Angelenos to have the benefit of our current information and to eschew the specter of a chief twisting in the wind while he was attending an international police conference in Florida.
The post Limassol to host international police conference appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
That means the controversial Grampian Chief Constable will still be around in May to host an international police conference.

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