International Youth Day

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International Youth Day


an international holiday for progressive youth celebrated in the period between 1915 and 1945. Established by a resolution of the Bern International Socialist Conference of Youth in 1915 to mobilize youth for the struggle for peace and against imperialist war, it was first held on Oct. 3, 1915, in Switzerland, the Netherlands, the USA, Italy, Rumania, and a number of other countries. From 1916 to 1931 it was observed on the first Sunday of September; in 1932, by a resolution of certain sections of the Communist International of Youth, it began to be observed on September 1.

In Russia the day was first celebrated in September 1917. International Youth Day was marked by mass demonstrations and youth meetings. In the USSR, it was a day for observing international solidarity and the working successes of youth in socialist construction. The World Federation of Democratic Youth was founded in London in 1945, and the day of its creation, November 10, has been observed each year since 1945 as World Youth Day.

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Further, it is also in line with the United Nations (UN) General Assembly Resolution 54/120 in 1999 endorsing the proposed declaration of 12 August as International Youth Day made by World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth.
The theme for the International Youth Day 2017 is Youth Building Peace, which is dedicated to celebrating young people's contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace.
That was the inspiring message for the UAE's youth from the country's leadership on the occasion of the International Youth Day.
Today is the International Youth Day, and there is no better occasion for us to seriously tackle that topic better than it.
JERUSALEM, August 12, 2017 (WAFA) -- European Union (EU) Representative Ralph Tarraf Friday joined over 50 Palestinian youth volunteers participating in a two day event at the Youth Village in Kufur Ne'mah, west of Ramallah, to celebrate International Youth Day 2017, said an EU press release.
The purpose of International Youth Day is to draw attention to cultural and legal issues affecting the youth.
Youth and Sport Affairs Minister: The International Youth Day is an opportunity to prove capabilities of the Bahraini youngsters.
The recent report marks International Youth Day on12 August, a celebration approved by the Central Assembly of the United Nations in 1998 within the framework of the world conference of the United Nations for world ministries responsible for youth under the theme of "Achieving Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda".
On 17 December 1999, UN General Assembly Resolution 54/120 adopted the recommendations of the World Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth held in Lisbon on 8-12 August 1998 / August 12 to be declared an International Youth Day, reported Dnevnik.
Participation of young women and men in peace and security efforts is crucial for achieving sustainable and inclusive results," said OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger, ahead of tomorrow's International Youth Day.
Abidjan: The focus of this year's International Youth Day (IYD), to be observed, resonates with the African Development Bank's key efforts.
Summary: Kehkashan Basu one among 16 invited to attend panel discussion held to mark International Youth Day

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