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admiralty law:

see maritime lawmaritime law,
system of law concerning navigation and overseas commerce. Because ships sail from nation to nation over seas no nation owns, nations need to seek agreement over customs related to shipping.
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Mr Chowdhury said until that happened Bahrain would do well to send its young lawyers to train at the International Maritime Law Institute in Valetta, Malta.
At one point, the Israelis jammed the boat's instruments, blocking their GPS, radar and navigation systems "in direct violation of international maritime law," the group said.
Professor David Attard, former Ambassador of Malta to the United Nations and director of the International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI), taught maritime law and international relations at the Diplomatic Academy in Lia, and as a scholarship holder at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies/University of Malta in 1996 I attended his classes with prominent interest.
These would stretch well beyond the standard 200 mile limit from the coast that is applicable under international maritime law.
Aghai presents regional perspectives of the countries involved and analyzes the implications of international maritime law with respect to the conflict over the Caspian Sea.
The US Embassy in Quito issued a communique stating that international maritime law allows boats to be sunk in international waters if they are decrepit or adrift, thereby posing a risk to navigation.
For three months US and British intelligence have watched the 40,000-ton vessels, which have been maintaining radio silence in violation of international maritime law.
Similarly, in evaluating whether a change in Canadian maritime law would have complex ramifications, a court must consider not only the ramifications within Canada, but also the effects of the change upon Canada's treaty obligations and international relations, as well as upon the state of international maritime law.
Along with continued efforts to reduce water pollution, measures should be introduced into international maritime law that would set limits on undersea noise.
There are three bases for international maritime law.
He is Editor-in-Chief of Journal of International Maritime Law, co-editor of Arbitration International and co-editor of Journal of International Commercial Law.
We have requested that SEuo Tome apply relevant national and international maritime law in handling the situation, and we have worked tirelessly for an amicable and reasonable solution.

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