Internet Adapter

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Internet Adapter

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The Internet Adapter (TIA). A program from Cyberspace Development which runs on a Unix shell account and acts as a SLIP emulator. A TIA emulated SLIP account is not quite the same as a real SLIP account but TIA's SLIP emulation is completely standard in terms of working with MacTCP-based software on the Macintosh (or WinSock on a Microsoft Windows machine).

You do not get your own Internet Address as you do with a real SLIP account, instead, TIA uses the IP number of the machine it runs on and "redirects" traffic back to you. You cannot set up your machine as an FTP server, for instance, since there's no IP number for an FTP client elsewhere to connect to.

TIA's performance is reportedly good, faster than normal SLIP in fact, and about as fast as Compressed SLIP. Future releases will support CSLIP and even PPP.

Cyberspace Development has ported TIA to several versions of Unix and more are on the way.

TERM is a free program which performs a similar function between two machines both running Unix.

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The Universal WiFi Internet Adapter is powered by the USB port, avoiding the need for a long wire to the power outlet and making it more visually pleasing in the already congested home theater environment.
iConnector is a stand-alone wireless Internet adapter that works with cellular modems using AMPS, CDMA, CDPD, GPRS, GSM, IDEN, and TDMA protocols.
Today Solo services are equally accessible from a regular telephone, a mobile phone, a WAP phone, a PC or a television fitted with an Internet adapter.
The Versant Internet Adapter includes a URL translator and Web page loader that provides Internet access to the Versant OBDMS.
The Versant Internet Adapter will be available free of charge to existing Versant customers and will ship early in the third quarter of 1996.
EmBarque configures the user's client applications to run with The Internet Adapter, TIA(TM).
SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 11, 1995--TIA,(TM) The Internet Adapter, continues winning acceptance as an alternative for those who want full graphical access to the Internet without the complications and typically higher cost of a SLIP or PPP account.

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