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(1) (ICalendar Schedule) A calendar invitation message file format. See iCalendar.

(2) (Ice Cream Sandwich) See Android versions.

(3) (Internet Connection Sharing) A Windows Internet sharing feature that enables the Internet connection on a computer to be shared with other computers. Introduced in Windows 98, ICS software performs the functions of a router, which is commonly used to connect multiple computers to the Internet. See Internet sharing and wireless router.

(4) (Internet Chess Server) A server that allows people to play chess over the Internet. ICS input and output is normally text, but XICS provides a graphical interface. See XICS.
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The update, called Windows 98 Second Edition, features the company's Internet Explorer 5 browser, the latest version of Microsoft's conferencing software, NetMeeting 3, enhanced hardware support, Internet connection sharing technology, and a Windows 98 service pack.
It adds support for home networking, Internet Explorer 5, Internet Connection Sharing, and advanced hardware support and should be generally available in the fall.
They will take advantage of new features of the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system, such as Internet Connection Sharing, drawing on technology from Microsoft's Universal Plug and Play initiative.

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