Internet Foundation Classes

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Internet Foundation Classes

(language, library, programming, standard)
(IFC) A library of classes used in the creation of Java applets with GUIs.

Created by Netscape, the Internet Foundation Classes provide GUI elements, as well as classes for Applications Services, Security, Messaging, and Distributed Objects.

The IFC code, which is exclusively Java, is layered on top of the Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), thus preserving platform independence.

The AWT and IFC collectively form the Java Foundation Classes, which provide a standardised framework for developing powerful Java applications.

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The demonstration showcased Visual Cafe's ability to visually create Netscape ONE applications for Intranets by dragging and dropping Netscape Internet Foundation Classes (IFCs) components.
The Navio platform is hardware independent and is built on open Internet standards and Netscape technology such as HTML, SSL (the Secure Sockets Layer), POP3, TCP/IP, HTTP, SQL, IMAP4, NTTP, LDAP, SNMP, RTP/RTPC, IIOP, JavaScript, Netscape LiveConnect(TM) and the Netscape Internet Foundation Classes.
The Netscape Internet Foundation Classes provide the running Java, JavaScript, and native components with a common set of platform-independent objects, APIs, and services required to build and deploy network-centric applications.
Symantec also announces it will support Netscape ONE(TM) Open Network Environment by including the new Netscape Internet Foundation Classes in future releases of Cafe.

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