Internet gateway

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Internet gateway

(1) See cable/DSL gateway.

(2) Another term for "router," specifically when the router is in a local network, and its primary purpose is to forward packets to the Internet and receive packets from the Internet. See router.

(3) A router or server that converts IP packets to IPX, AppleTalk or some other non-IP format and vice versa. It is used to connect non-IP networks to the Internet.
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UIC currently certifies devices in these categories: internet gateway devices, media servers and media renderers, printer device and print basic service, and HVAC.
Home users who purchase Philips' Internet audio systems can connect to the Internet using one of NETGEAR's Internet gateway devices such as a Cable/DSL firewall router and then extend that connection throughout the home network using NETGEAR's HPNA phoneline, powerline or wireless home networking products, which support CD quality audio.
The new UPnP specification will simplify the setup, connecting and controlling of Internet Gateway Devices and home networks, allowing PCs and digital appliances, such as home security and entertainment systems, to use the Internet and work together more effectively.

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