Internet Relay Chat

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Internet Relay Chat

(chat, messaging)
(IRC) /I-R-C/, occasionally /*rk/ A client-server chat system of large (often worldwide) networks. IRC is structured as networks of Internet servers, each accepting connections from client programs, one per user.

The IRC community and the Usenet and MUD communities overlap to some extent, including both hackers and regular folks who have discovered the wonders of computer networks. Some Usenet jargon has been adopted on IRC, as have some conventions such as emoticons. There is also a vigorous native jargon (see the entry for "chat").

The largest and first IRC network is EFNet, with a smaller breakaway network called the Undernet having existed since 1992, and dozens of other networks having appeared (and sometimes disappeared) since.

See also nick, bot, op.

Yahoo's IRC index.
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In order to use Internet Relay Chat (IRC), the user must have an Internet connection.
Using the Internet relay chat application and a software product called Internet Phone, or similar software, real time voice calls also are possible over the Internet.
He added that the Internet relay chat is popular for immediate communication of messages.
Weatherhead is said to have used the online name Nerdo, when posting plans for the attacks on an internet relay chat (IRC) channel hosted in Russia.
The group insists it was the result of someone seeking to frame them, but they just yesterday made the call for further attacks against Sony in an Internet Relay Chat room, according to CNET reports.
It likewise discusses the unique concerns involved in investigations of instant messenging (IM), chat rooms, and Internet Relay Chat.
When installed on a PC, Spybot opens a back door in the system and connects to an Internet Relay Chat server to let the remote attacker control the compromised computer.
In addition the virus is also able to connect to a specific Internet relay chat server to give hackers remote control over affected systems, which can then be used to infect other machines in a network and slow down performance, reported Reuters.
I was alerted by a comment by someone in an internet relay chat (IRC) channel that I tend to hang around in.
Upon infection the worm will perform a number of operations, including copying itself to the infected system and connecting to a public Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server.
The worm also can spread over Internet relay chat and the Kazaa peer-to-peer network, as well as copy itself over shared networks.

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