Internet TV

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Internet TV

Watching TV programs and movies from the Internet on a computer, mobile device or TV. People have watched video clips on the Web for years; however, Internet-based movies on demand such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, VUDU and iTunes migrated to the TV in the home via a set-top box that converts network packets to digital TV signals.

Smart TVs and modern Blu-ray players have built-in set-top box functionality for these streaming services, and Google introduced its second-generation TV platform in 2014 (see Android TV).

From User to TV
Several device-to-TV solutions are available for sending content from a user's computer or mobile device to the TV (see AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast and wireless USB). Another approach is the "home theater PC," which is a Windows PC with a user interface designed for TV screens (see HTPC). In addition, any computer with a video-out port can be cabled directly to a TV.

The earliest approach for sending Internet content to the TV was the WebTV set-top box in 1996. With a keyboard and mouse, it connected to the Internet via dial-up (see MSN TV). See smart TV, digital media hub, Yahoo Connected TV, video portal and video-on-demand.

Zinc Video Portal
Zinc was a browser application that found movies and TV shows on the Web. Providing a 10-foot user interface for large screens, Zinc enabled access to a host of free and paid content. See 10-foot user interface.
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With Internet TV, the online content comes on TV screen with more than 500 satellite channels.
Under the contract, financial details of which were not available, the company will deliver a packaged solution that includes software and infrastructure development, content delivery network (CDN) support, and IPTV, Internet TV and mobile TV integration support.
The Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV brings more entertainment choices to TV every day with unprecedented viewing options from cable/satellite or internet based services.
Huang, said that Internet-based services will be integrated with TVs after the technology is perfected to computerize the platforms, adding that the development of Internet TVs will also serve various needs of daily life.
The move reflects wariness among the major broadcast networks about products like ''Sony Internet TV,'' which seeks to integrate the Internet and TV by enabling users to search for TV programs and videos on their television screens using Google's search functions.
SoftAtHome, a software provider of home operating platforms that helps service providers deliver convergent applications for the Digital Home, and Endavo Media , an Internet TV platform-as-a-service solution provider , both partners of Etisalat , the largest operator in the Arab world headquartered in the UAE , team up to make Internet TV on IPTV and Hybrid-IPTV Set-Top-Boxes a reality.
This initiative has shown the potential for Internet TV and provided verifiable and immediate results to MBC's advertising partners,' explained Essa Al Haddad, chief marketing officer at Etisalat.
Abu Dhabi: Etisalat announced the launch of Internet TV in association with MBC to provide television content over the Internet.
FUSA Capital said that a dedicated Brightcove Internet TV publisher page is also available to users, showcasing a range of Brightcove publishers and their videos.
Anyone in radio, TV or cable must now be involved in Internet TV.
Philips Electronics has introduced a new "Digital Age" product to the education and library markets with the Philips Magnavox Internet TV Terminal, an advanced digital technology that allows Internet access through television.

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